Getting Here


Getting here is easy. Fly into Naples or Rome, and we can arrange for a driver to meet you.


Door to door




Train Station




To the island


Arriving Ischia


Cars and scooters


Giuseppe (Peppe) Lauro is available to pick you up at Rome airport, Naples airports or anywhere else you need a lift. His English is not too bad, and he responds in English to English emails. This is probably the preferable means of communication as you can be specific in regards to your itinerary and he can be specific in regards to costs. Generally speaking, his prices are inclusive of gas, tolls, ferry and taxes. With sufficient passengers this can be cost effective as well as convenient. Many guests have also used him as a driver to go to Amalfi, Pompeii, Paestum etc. If needed, his cell # is 011 39 339 40 52691 (Drop the first five numbers when calling in Italy.) Note: When emailing him from his Internet site, put “Villa Beatrice” where it says “Indirrizo” and do not be alarmed if there is no indication your mail has been sent when you press “invia” to send, rest assured the note has gone out.


From the Naples Airport you can either get Peppe or take a taxi. Note that Peppe can pick you up from anywhere, which is the easiest option. In the case of a taxi, ask for the price first. There does now seem to be a fixed E.19 price plus E.6 for weekends/holidays, but it is best to confirm before taking the trip.


From the central Naples train station you can take a cab. When you arrive in Napoli Stazione, or if you take a cab from the Naples Airport request the pedestrian ferry port if you do not have a car, “Porto Molo Beverello per aliscafi per Ischia” (ships for Ischia) all cabs know where to go. Ask what it costs or look for the meter "Quanto costa?" Should be about 15 Euro's from the train station.


When you arrive at the Rome airport Fiumicino, follow the signs for the train: "traino per Roma." There may be signs in English as well. Many people use the train, so you will be able to follow the crowd in finding it. This shuttle train goes directly from the airport to the central Rome train station, “Stazione Centrale," every 20 minutes. It is very reliable. The train is located in the big tube in the sky, so if there is any trouble finding it, walk out of the airport and look up. When you get to Stazione Centrale, if you are not stopping off in Rome, go to the ticket window and ask for tickets for the fastest train to Naples Station. (There are direct fast trains that take as little as an hour and half, but the later trains are local and can take 2-3 hours.) This is phonetic, but this is your question for at the ticket counter: "Quale traino arrivare i piu presto a Naploi Stazione?" Almost invariably the "Traino Diretto" arrives first. Once you are in Naples, follow the directions from that section of the site.


When you get to the Port, you will see a group of ferry ticket sales offices. Some of these sales offices are for Capri or Sorrento, so be sure you get the one to Ischia. There is often a sign outside the three ticket agents that you will choose from: Caremar or SNAV, ("Careemar" or “Snaf”) Linea Lauro, (Linia Larro") and “Medmar," otherwise ask what time the next departure for Ischia is ("qwando parta la prossima pear eeskia"). The ride is 45 minutes but sometimes they stop at the small sister island Procida, (don’t get off, it’s a quick stop!) but make sure the destination is "Porto Ischia". NOTE: "Casamicciola" is another Ischian Port, but not the one you want to go to as it is on the other side of the island. If you need a car ferry, 200 meters away from Molo Beverello is Calata Porta di Massa. There you will find the car ferry (Traghetto).


As soon as you know what boat you are on, and assuming Peppe is not driving you, call Pietro's cellular (you will get his contact information at booking.) His cell typically works, but if it does not, call his house and leave the same message: We leave at (time) on (ferry line). "Partiammo a ( ) sulla ( )." Italians use both a 12 and 24 hour clock, so either is fine. If you do not have time before the boat departs, call him from Ischia Porto, and say we are in Ischia ("Siamo a Ischia"), and then just stay around where the boat let you off, he should be down in about 10-15 minutes to escort you to the house. There is often a restriction on driving a car in the port area of Ischia, in which case he will be on a scooter and will escort you in your cab.


Though it is not essential to have a car, particularly if you are using Peppe's driving services, Ischia Rent A Car offers the option to rent a car or a scooter once you arrive on the island. Though Villa Beatrice is a destination unto itself, exploring the island calls for wheels of some sort.

A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see - Samuel Johnson


Do we need a car to get around?
The grocery store is within walking distance and there is a fabulous restaurant that will deliver food to the house, or arrange to pick you up and take you to the restaurant. So a car is not necessary. However, you will want to explore the island, in which case a car is key. There are rentals on the island, and you can also arrange for our driver to take you anywhere you like, whether it be exploring Ischia and its beaches or taking trips to the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Rome or anywhere else you would like to go.
Is there place to boat or waterski?
We advise you rent a boat so you can get a sense of Ischia from the water.
How is the phone service?
Though we suggest burying your phone upon arrival, the villa is equipped with wifi and therefore accomodates wifi calling. Check with your network provider to be sure you avoid unnecessary charges. Your provider can also tell you what the cell service will be like for you during your travels. If you do not have a mobile phone, purchase a telephone card from any of the small cigarette sales stands you see in the airports or along your travels, the stores are often identified by a large “T” that is blue or red. Unless you are planning to use a lot of public telephones we suggest getting one for E. 5.
Is air conditioning necessary?
The Villa Beatrice Master Suite has sun on all sides, making it the one room in the house that at times gets too warm, it therefore has air conditioning should visitors like to use it. All of the other rooms have less exposure to the sun, thick stone walls and shade trees which, along with the sea breezes, eliminates the need to AC. The villa also has plenty of fans to keep air flowing.