Special Services

Villa Beatrice has deep ties to the Ischian community and the best personalized services available including drivers, makeup and hair professionals, masseuses, babysitters and restauranteurs.

Health & Beauty

Ischia is a spa in and of itself, with luxurious spas and healing waters. Here, the spa can come to you. There is a great beauty salon right near Villa Beatrice, and some of the services offered at the spa are available to Villa Beatrice guests at home. Whether you need your hair done or a massage overlooking the bay, contact Tina at Smart Hair Fashion and she will arrange for the magic to come to you.


Villa Beatrice is equipped with two cribs for infants and toddlers, and we have relationships with local babysitters who we trust and recommend. Please inquire and we will help facilitate the connection.


Giuseppe (Peppe) Lauro is available to pick you up at Rome airport, Naples airports or anywhere else you need a lift. His English is not too bad, and he responds in English to English emails. This is probably the preferable means of communication as you can be specific in regards to your itinerary and he can be specific in regards to costs. With sufficient passengers this can be cost effective as well as convenient. Many guests have also used him as a driver to go to Amalfi, Pompeii, Paestum etc. Generally speaking, his prices are inclusive of gas, tolls, ferry and taxes. Note: When emailing him from his Internet site, put “Villa Beatrice” where it says “Indirrizo” and do not be alarmed if there is no indication your mail has been sent when you press “invia” to send, rest assured your email has been sent.

Car and Scooter Rentals

Though it is not essential to have a car, particularly if you are using Peppe's driving services, there are many options to rent a car or a scooter once you arrive on the island. Ischia Rent a Car is a trusted provider that will drop off and pick up vehicles at the villa. Though Villa Beatrice is a destination unto itself, exploring the island calls for wheels of some sort.

Dion Protrani & Ischia Review

Want to make things simple? Contact our friend Dion Protrani of Ischia Review. A transplanted Englishman who fell in love with our fair Isle and made it his permanent home. A wealth of information, with perfect dual language skills, he can arrange a bareboat or skippered boat rental, nearby horse riding lessons, a wealth of fascinating restaurant options etc. etc. Well trusted by our Ischian community and a master of efficiency.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta. - Federico Fellini

Ristorante Il Borghetto

Although Ischia offers Michelin starred dining, it is the Borghetto that is the star. This unique Ischian treasure, which is family owned and operated, is just about a kilometer away. This gem is our own Villa Beatrice family favorite. The restaurant itself is charming and not to be missed. A nunnery restored by a world-class chef for his family, it is the top choice of locals looking to celebrate special occasions. But if the idea of leaving the incredible VIlla Beatrice is unconscionable, fear not, for the Ristorante il Borghetto is a moveable feast and will come to you. They will bring food to the house for your pleasure, or even come and pick you up and take you to the restaurant for dining and then deliver you home. NOTE: Franco from the Borghetto has left a menu on the living room desk for delivery of food to Villa B. Its best to pick the food the day before to make sure he gets everything fresh.

Rosa de Venti

Even closer (about 500 meters) is the Rosa de Venti restaurant with spectacular pizza and views. Located left out the driveway and wrap around under a house built over the road and its on the left. You have not eaten pizza until you have had Ischian tomato and fresh mozzarella made in Naples, and delivered to Ischia first thing in the morning.