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Relax, indulge,escape


The kitchen, separated from the dining room by a service alcove, is completely renovated, refurbished and enlarged with updates including two modern refrigerator-freezers, a five-burner stove with a grill, an oven and broiler stove, microwave, dishwasher, and two sinks, all recessed in a black granite counter top with wall tiles and cherry wood cabinets. There is also a great antique juicer for lemons and oranges, ensuring a fresh start to the day. There is plenty of flatweare, plates and glasses along with new pots, pans and coffee pots. Everything needed to prepare and serve sumptuous Italian repasts is provided in an efficient and pleasant environment.


The living room is the largest room, with antique tiles, two circles of chairs and couches, a desk at one end, other antiques dispersed throughout, and an open marble fireplace. There is also a CD stereo and a television. The living room exits onto the central terrace and outdoor dining area by way of a jasmine-covered loggia. The adjoining dining room also exits onto the central terrace where the temperate climate and garden enhance the pleasure of outdoor dining.


This being Italy, dining is central to the Villa Beatrice experience. The dining room is connected to both the kitchen and the main terrace, so that meals prepared on the grill outdoors is as easily served on the dining room table as are meals prepared in the kitchen. The dining room table can seat 8-10, and its walls are adorned with tapestries and artwork. This room offers a perfect place to dine in proper, Italian fashion. That said, the dining room is often robbed of its thunder as most guests find dining on the main terrace, which seats 12 with ease and has the spectacular view, irresistible.


The library of approximately 2,500 volumes is on the third floor, and has an extensive assortment of books on art, history, exploration, literature, religion, and philosophy as well as guides to Ischia, the sister islands of Capri and Procida, and such nearby mainland attractions as Pompeii, Herculeum, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and Paestum. The library at Villa Beatrice is an excellent center from which to study Italian culture from north to south, in all its variety. Most volumes are in English, with many in Italian, French and German. There is a study area at one end with a view of islands in the ever present Mediterranean.


Sleep is the greatest luxury, and Villa Beatrice lends itself to restful slumber and mindful meditation like no place else. The villa sleeps 11 with ease, each bedroom adrift in sea breezes rich with the scent of jasmine, natural light and easy access to the outdoors. The master suite has beautiful blue tile floors, a private terrace, a private study, and walks out to the pool.

I recently returned from my third visit to Villa Beatrice with family and friends. The first trip was over ten years ago and over the years the experience has only gotten better. We've rented several villas in different parts of Italy but we are always drawn back to Ischia and the special hospitality at Villa Beatrice provided by its housekeeper, Pietro. He has a wonderful disposition, is extremely attentive to our needs, and he provides us with his own wine, which is very good and very inexpensive! The home is private, the view of the bay of Naples mesmerizing and the experience, unforgettable!
Don DeVitto
Rochester, NY