(go ahead, sleep in)

Third Floor

Master Suite

Second Floor

Two Queen Suites

First Floor

Three bedrooms


Features a 2 person tub, private terrace, study and walk out to the pool.

La Dolce Vita

Villa Beatrice's master suite posseses the sensuality of a Fellini film. Beautiful blue tiles stretch across the suite's floors as exotic art and tapestries dress its walls. Featuring three rooms, the suite includes a bathroom and private study with its own private loggia with views of the garden below. There is also another small terrace outside an independent exterior door that leads directly to the gardens and then to the pool. Additionally, the suite has easy access to a large terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples and the grand Mount Vesuvius. Featuring a queen-size bed, an en-suite bathroom with bidet, two person tub and a separate shower, it is likely that a space like this inspired Fellini'e most creative moments.


The second floor bedrooms offer queen sized beds, outdoor space, full baths and private safes.

Antique tile and views of Vesuvius

Enjoy fresh sea breezes and the scent of jasmine while soaking in the tub, taking a nap, or reading a great book. The second floor bedrooms have full baths, plentiful closets, and secure safes. These rooms are close to the central living spaces of the house while offering solitude and privacy.

Wisteria vines and Italian songbirds

It is easy to imagine Puccini lounging in one of these queen-sized beds, listening to the songbirds, strumming a mandolin as he set down his famous arias. Such is the impact of these spaces, which offer easy access to outdoor space and the surrounding pathways and gardens.


The first floor bedrooms offer single, joinable beds, natural light and cool breezes.

The first floor bedrooms

There are three bedrooms on the first floor, the first has two single joinable beds, a safe, a TV and features an en-suite bathroom with tub and shower, the next also has two single joinable beds. This room shares a shower bathroom with another smaller bedroom that has a single bed and a desk and offers space for a cot.

Throw open the shutters and enjoy the air

The first floor bedrooms offer quiet escapes, lovely landscapes, and floods of natural light. Each of the rooms has large windows and easy access to the garden paths outside. Tapestries, paintings and artwork from around the world adorn the walls, and each room includes closet space for convenient clothing storage.